GGJ Geneva @hepia

Global Game Jam in Geneva will take place for the 2nd time at hepia!

This location is limited to the first hundred participants who registrer

The event is completely free and we will provide meals to participants during the whole weekend. Will also provide you with snacks, coffee, tea, fruits, etc. Shops open friday and saturday are available near the event if needed.

- We have normally enough power strips or multi-socket adaptors for everyone but we strongly advise you to take your own.

- To stay focused and not be disturbed, do not forget to take headphones and earplugs.

- We will give you inflatable beds (to confirm) without bed covers. Please come prepared in order to spent rejuvenating nights.

- There are showers on-site free to use at certain times of the day.

- We do not forbid alcohol but do not offer it.

- There will be lounges to play retro video games. They are kindly sponsored by Geneva E-Sport.

- And we get some surprises for our jammers. So join us for this entier weekend of creativity !